Shuttle SFF PC

XPC = Stylishly powerful little box. Finally - a PC that was designed with you, performance, and style in mind. With XPC, you have the ultimate flexibility to blend form and function into any room in your digital home or office. Because itís about a third the size of your average PC, youíll be able to fit it just about anywhere. And because itís a XPC, youíll finally have a computer as unique as you are.

Small, but can do it all!
You want to surf the internet, download music, and stream video while virus scan hums in the background. With XPC you can do all that and more with out slowing down with the ultimate choice of leading-edge dual- and multi-core processors from technology leaders Intel and AMD. Plus, with powerful energy-efficient technologies built-in to XPC, you can play and work hard while running smooth, quiet, and cool.

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