How to Flash the Shuttle BIOS

Be sure and download the "Shuttle BIOS firmware update"  from Shuttle's website.

You can use this link and select your Shuttle model.

The AFUWIN program is no longer needed for the Flash, Shuttle has made the updates an executeable file (.exe).

Once you've selected your model, select the "Download" tab, then click "BIOS" tab, then download the latest BIOS version.
The BIOS update downloads in a zipped format.

Once you've downloaded the BIOS update, extract the files. 
There are 3 folders included in the download:

Select which version you want to use, be sure you use the correct version for the Windows operating system you have, ie 32-bit or 64-bit.

You are now ready to flash the BIOS from your Windows version, click the ".exe" file.

Follow the on screen instructions.

Once it's completed, the computer should be rebooted to confirm the flash process was successful.

Upon reboot, go into the BIOS setup and "load optimal defaults", adjust settings as needed, Save and Quit BIOS.

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