Nettops are ultra small form factor computers or USFF that are specifically designed for Home Entertainment systems.

The Shuttle Nettops can be mounted to a large screen TV or the back of an LCD monitor.
The X35 GT ultra small form factor PC can be connected to a TV through an HDMI cable and give HD quality picture and sound.
They also include built-in WiFi and LAN so you can easily connect to the Internet and Home Network.

To install Mac OSx Lion on the Shuttle XH61, visit our blog for downloads and instructions.

Shuttle XH61VBe the first one to write a reviewShuttle XH61V supports Intel's Ivy Bridge processors for high power and low energy use. $189.99


Shuttle XH61Be the first one to write a reviewCost-Optimized Solution

The Shuttle XH61 enables a balanced platform which is easy to create a solution that’s as powerful – or energy-efficient – as you want it to be in your home, office and business.

The XH61 model is now compatible with the Ivy Bridge processors with BIOS update version XH61X000.200.


Shuttle XS35 BarebonesBe the first one to write a reviewThis is a complete Barebones model, no memory, hard drive or optical drive.

To put it in a nutshell, the Shuttle XS35 is an extremely slim and ergonomic Mini PC that works highly energy-efficiently. With a power consumption that is barely not worth mentioning, its noise level is close to zero.


Shuttle XS35GTBe the first one to write a reviewShuttle XS35GT Barebone

Only 38 mm thin, HD-ready, fanless and low power consumption

The Shuttle Barebone XS35GT is a Mini-PC in the 1-litre class which, thanks to its shape can be easily fitted behind flat panel displays and therefore does not take up any space.
The XS35GT is 100% passively cooled, and thus virtually noiseless.


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